When I have had a rough week, I cling to music (and espresso) like they’re liferafts.

I just put on my headphones and caffeine up.

Hey, I didn’t say I was perfect. But, I DO listen to some pretty decent music, so let’s forget the coffee addiction for a sec (at least it isn’t crack?).

This is my ultimate safety blanket song. It’s like sucking your thumb, but for grownups. Although, The National often assume this role for me when I’m feeling less than perky, anyhow.

Obo and horns meet almost lazily at the beginning of the track, slowly joining and inviting steady, thudding drumming to the mix. Matt Berninger’s low baritone floats in, and you feel like someone has dimmed the lights, put a glass of red wine in your hand and draped a warm blanket over you. The hazy backup vocals beam in and you can just forget about it.

On listen number, oh, 23, I decided to share this with you.

LISTEN: The National, “The Geese Of Beverly Road”