Do you have a Thanksgiving dinner you’re attending this year…but have been tasked with ‘bringing’ something?

That’s always tough because you don’t want to bring a huge enough dish to keep warm for a while/feed everyone in attendance.

And…what if it isn’t that good and then you go down in history as the person who brought the bad dish to Thanksgiving?

No one wants that.

I stumbled across this pumpkin bread recipe in the fabulous Miss Paula Deen’s (Food Network star with thick Southern accent who has affinity for butter) magazine a few weeks ago. It’s super easy to make – if you can stir, you can pull this off (I’m looking at you, culinary-challenged kids) – and the recipe makes two loaves so you can keep one for yourself. Or simply use one as the ‘hope-this-turns-out-OK’ guinea pig.

The recipe can be found HERE.

Add 8 ounces of chopped bittersweet chocolate to the batter and stir before dividing the batter into loaf pans, if you want to make the chocolate version.

Wrap a loaf of this in a pretty tea towel, tie with a bow and present to your Thanksgiving host. Voila, now you’re the impressive baker in the bunch.

I wouldn’t even judge you if you sipped one of these seasonal brews with this bread (HINT: double chocolate stout!).