It is no secret that I borderline worship Minus the Bear.

I’ve seen these prog/math rock masters four times – three times THIS year (the Fox Theater in Pomona, Lollapalooza and The Wiltern) – and I wouldn’t mind seeing them 100 more times.

This band manages to seamlessly splice the most complex, chaotic of segments into the smoothest of songs. You’ll be listening to a calmer jam with a steady beat and liquid-like guitars when suddenly, you realize your face is being melted by an insane, measure-altering breakdown. But you didn’t see it coming, and you don’t realize it’s there until it is slapping you in the face.

And I just love that about Minus the Bear.

They’re also cool as hell and very funny guys in person.

The band’s second full-length album Planet of Ice is one of my top favorite albums of all time and the sexy-cool-slower track “When We Escape” stops me in my tracks still after countless listens.

It also perfectly displays their sneak-attack of awesomeness.