I had the delight of visiting one of my favorite places, Hi Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa (Orange County), about a week ago.

I’m almost reticent to disclose the nature of this unassuming, wine-lover’s oasis because it feels like a well-kept secret. The wine tasting bar is tucked back at the bottom of this unique liquor store, and tastings can be had for less than $30 for 8 to 10 tastes. The atmosphere is laid back – not stuffy – and the bartenders are relaxed and conversational.

When Jason and I hit up a tasting a couple Fridays ago, the cellar was showcasing new Spanish releases. We couldn’t get enough of this one red wine we tried: a Bierzo called Petalos. Here’s a little trivia, a bierzo is a wine that is made in the northern part of the León province in Spain. Wines created here benefit from an ideal climate.

It was incredibly smooth yet full-bodied, and had a subtle, yet not overpowering fruitiness.

This wine will cost you $17.99 and it is well worth it (actually more than I like to typically spend on wine).

I imagine this delicious varietal can be found at other wine specialty stores, like Bevmo, in addition to Hi Time.

But leave some for me, please, because I will definitely go back for more.