Is it the weekend yet?

It’s only Tuesday (afternoon, thank goodness) but I sure am loving free time lately, spontaneous moments especially.

Not that the concept of ‘free time’ is something new to me, but I was stuck in bed last week with strep throat and though I love our apartment, it started to feel a little claustrophobic. But I do have to commend the work week for allowing me still the evenings, where I get to cook and listen to the new record player with Jason ❤

Speaking of records, I picked up two new ones this weekend from Fingerprints in Belmont Shores: Elliott Smith’s From a Basement on a Hill (his 2004 posthumous release produced by family and friends after he was found dead) and a sampling of Iron & Wine’s new album Kiss Each Other Clean.

If you don’t know who Elliott Smith is, he basically supplements the entire soundtrack for the film Goodwill Hunting with his darkly hollow, acoustic lullabies.

I’m still searching for Mr. Smith’s 1997 album, Either/Or on vinyl which contains the delicate, nostalgic fave of mine “Between the Bars.”

With that being said, I’ll make this daily gaze post an audiobox as well. How’d you like that double whammy?

Take that, Tuesday!

CLICK HERE to listen to “Between the Bars”

And, to come full circle with the spontaneous moment idea, that’s what the photo, above, depicts.

Doesn’t my mom take a lovely photograph?