Band of Horses, the Greek Theater

If you haven’t already, join the band wagon on liking these two groups.

They’ve both been around for quite some time, but movie soundtracks (Band of Horses) and highly-touted music festivals (Arcade Fire) are helping to hoist both bands to a more recognized status among music listeners.

I jumped on board with Arcade Fire in the beginning of their career with Funeral, when to me, they sounded like they were doing something so original, so raw, so unheard of by fusing indie rock with baroque/classical undertones. I still think they were, but everyone’s doin’ it these days.

I was a little late in acquainting myself with Band of Horses’ career – I latched onto Cease to Begin in 2007 (their second full-length album and arguably my favorite of their’s).

However, today I’m buzzin’ about the newest album by each (which are both nominated for a Grammy for best alernative rock album, Arcade Fire is also up for best album of the year).

Here are my favorite songs from each album, give em’ a listen and brighten up your Monday!

Band of Horses / “Neighbor”

Why it’s rad:  Front man Ben Bridwell’s twangy, smooth voice floats the song through, building with soulful organ tones. The end of the song crashes gently into the crescendo, pleasantly catching you off guard.

LISTEN HERE, “Neighbor”

Or purchase this song or the full album from Amazon HERE.

Arcade Fire / “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)”

Why it’s rad: There’s a lovable, 80s-esque beat to this song that propels it forward in a refreshing fashion. It’s also a unique turn for this group – and I’d love to hear more like this.


Or purchase this song or the full album from Amazon HERE.