It’s no secret I have a raging crush on Radiohead.

The group’s vast catalog of music keeps them always sounding timeless and fresh to me as I shuffle through their albums, depending upon my mood and the season, of course.

Recently, Jason and I hit up Sound Spectrum in Laguna Beach; a love-worn, decades-old record and music memorabilia shop just a block from the beach.

To our ever-growing collection we added The Big Come Up by The Black Keys and OK Computer, arguably my favorite Radiohead album (arguing with myself, naturally). The band put much thought into their vinyl packaging, embellishing the cover and inserts with art and encoding the two pressed records with a clever ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ track system.

Today’s audiobox post is “Climbing Up The Walls,” a creeping, building, sexy and yet slightly demented song that drags intensely from start to finish. Thom Yorke’s voice is like honey coating daggers – something lovely that is lightly hiding something dangerous. As his voice intensifies, so too does the song, taking off in a whirlwind of distorted guitar and keyboard fuzz.

Enough from me, hear it for yourself.

LISTEN: “Climbing Up the Walls,” Radiohead

You can also preview the song on Amazon and buy it for 99 cents here.