This weekend I went on a bit of a vinyl binge – but rightfully so, I found all of these records for great deals.

Mumford & Sons, Iron and Wine, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, STAR WARS Soundtrack and a surprise (I can’t reveal it yet because it’s a gift for my Dad and he reads this blog but let me say, it’s a GREAT find. It’s an oldie and it’s still in great condition.).

I’ll tell you guys once I give it to him. Wonder what it could be, Dad? Thanks to Cow in Ocean Beach and Port of Sound in Costa Mesa for providing me with these jams.

First impressions: Mumford is lovely on vinyl and STAR WARS is surprisingly relaxing to have on while doing other things, like chores or work. Go figure, the score to an intergalactic rebellion and war is soothing to me.