I’m a professional journalist living in Huntington Beach, CA with my boyfriend Jason. Sometimes I feel the need to post about my favorite stuff, recent grievances, decent photography, etc.

I have a few simple life rules…

Live with intention but stop caring what other people think of you – that’s lame.

If you want to eat dessert, eat dessert.

Listen to the music you like, not the music others think is trendy.

If you think for one split second that your actions might hurt others, they will. Rethink that, speedy.


Things that don’t match actually look better together than things that do.

Your true friends will stick around in bad times and even make you laugh during those bad times.

Trader Joes has crappy produce but superb cheap wine.

Being outdoors is swell.

My friends call me Kelli Khaos…does this blog even need to make sense? Enjoy my random outbursts,