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This is my husband – minus the swirly-lantern-camera-exposure-ness.


So thankful for the weekend to show up…I will be spending it here.


11 days until the wedding and I have succulents on the brain (they are of course part of our floral arrangements throughout the ceremony and reception).

Here I post a knockout photo my brother, Cam, shot of some on our front step.


I have been terribly neglectful of this happy, creative outlet. Wedding planning and MOVING generally take up a lot of time separately – but combine them and you get a whirlwind of crazy/tired/hectic.

But oh-so-content.

I’m back and with all this excitement going on (and returning to Laguna Beach), I will have plenty more to share.

Cheers to old-but-puppy-at-heart Angel, shown above.

Not leaving late enough to catch a shot like this tonight…or anytime soon.

Some of our engagement photos, by the ravishing and hilarious Nicole Caldwell.

I must admit, the Royal Wedding buzz has me all excited – even more so – for our own wedding, if that is even possible.


Some days, I just want to be here. With hectic weeks like this one, I wait for the weekend to come where I can lay in bed and watch the breeze blow the curtains forward with a gentle kiss of air.

Friends – I have been oh-so terrible at posting since I have been planning the wedding! I even promised to post more, and what have I done?

Well…a lot, but not that.

Lucky for you I have a backlog of content that I have been saving up so look forward to some beer and wine suggestions, photography and recipes.

For now, take this sneak peek of my floral mockup for the wedding as a peace offering.


I have not given this blog the attention it deserves lately, but for a good reason, or excuse, rather.

March 2, I got engaged to my then-boyfriend and frequent subject of this blog, Jason.

We are so excited! We’re getting married July 30 so we have been very busy planning the wedding.

But here I promise you to be posting more often, so I will leave you now with a photo of Jason’s proposal (taken by my favorite beez, Claudia) and there will be more musings soon!