Friends – I have been oh-so terrible at posting since I have been planning the wedding! I even promised to post more, and what have I done?

Well…a lot, but not that.

Lucky for you I have a backlog of content that I have been saving up so look forward to some beer and wine suggestions, photography and recipes.

For now, take this sneak peek of my floral mockup for the wedding as a peace offering.



Folks – I have a mission for you should you choose to accept it.

I am on the hunt for bright turquoise pumps to wear with my wedding dress.

You heard me…TURQUOISE.

It’s one of my colors for our wedding (coming up quick, July 30!) and I like to do things differently anyway. It’s my bag, baby.

There aren’t a lot out there in the color I am wanting, the shoes above are Jessica Simpson – I know Kate Spade makes some as well. Peep toes would be IDEAL.

I’ll keep you posted on this quest and appreciate any tips along the way.


I have not given this blog the attention it deserves lately, but for a good reason, or excuse, rather.

March 2, I got engaged to my then-boyfriend and frequent subject of this blog, Jason.

We are so excited! We’re getting married July 30 so we have been very busy planning the wedding.

But here I promise you to be posting more often, so I will leave you now with a photo of Jason’s proposal (taken by my favorite beez, Claudia) and there will be more musings soon!


I’ve been dying to post this recipe on my blog since Jason and I have been eating it once a week now for a few straight weeks. I must admit, I found it in the ever-addictive Food Network Magazine but can’t find it anywhere online, so I will describe how to make it below but attribute all rights to Food Network.

It’s delicate, delicious, impressive and extremely simple/fast.

If you’re scared to use your broiler, don’t be. Just turn it on and keep an eye on the salmon, you’ll love the result.

RECIPE after the jump!

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This is my favorite light of day.

This weekend I went on a bit of a vinyl binge – but rightfully so, I found all of these records for great deals.

Mumford & Sons, Iron and Wine, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, STAR WARS Soundtrack and a surprise (I can’t reveal it yet because it’s a gift for my Dad and he reads this blog but let me say, it’s a GREAT find. It’s an oldie and it’s still in great condition.).

I’ll tell you guys once I give it to him. Wonder what it could be, Dad? Thanks to Cow in Ocean Beach and Port of Sound in Costa Mesa for providing me with these jams.

First impressions: Mumford is lovely on vinyl and STAR WARS is surprisingly relaxing to have on while doing other things, like chores or work. Go figure, the score to an intergalactic rebellion and war is soothing to me.


Happy Hallmark holiday, er, Valentine’s Day, everyone!

I don’t think much of the idea that Valentine’s Day is meant for telling someone you love them – you should do that every day. I think the little, daily things that happen in your life between you and the ones you love should punctuate the life of love you share with them. It’s that simple.

But I’ve been treated extremely well today, and I am so grateful and lucky to have Jason.

Here is one of the most romantic music lyrics of all time, in my opinion. It is completely understated but poignant, all the same.

“You know I dreamed about you
for twenty-nine years before I saw you
You know I dreamed about you
I missed you for
for twenty-nine years”

LISTEN: The National, “Slow Show”

(The photo, before I distorted it, was shot by the lovely Nadia Pirani)

Yay for weekends! I sometimes prefer not having plans because that truly signifies the presence of the weekend and the absence of weekly commitments.

But I am thrilled to have plans to visit Noble Ale Works in Anaheim tonight to sip some delish craft beers and taste a few of the area’s food truck offerings. And family and friends make it all the more enjoyable.

My relaxed mood today reminds me that though the week can be hectic with work, life is still pretty great.

Live in the O.C. area? I suggest checking out Noble some time, they are turning out some spectacular brews at a commendable rate. You can read up on such libations at Jason’s fantastic beer blog.

Here’s a parting song for you today…(by a ridiculously talented singer/songwriter/guitarist)…

LISTEN: Jose Gonzalez, “Down the Line”


Yes, we are smitten with the record player Jason got me for Christmas and have been scooping up vinyl to play at an exponential rate ever since.

So in love, are we, that we devoted a space in our apartment to the record player.

Luckily enough, the bookshelf (thanks, Ikea) gathers items that otherwise cluttered the place and displays them nicely – we even have a shelf for our vinyl collection. The player is at eye level and illuminated by light, promoting prime and correct needle placement.

An Iron & Wine poster I picked up from a record shop for $2 is a perfect compliment to the space.

Some wine bottles from Trader Joes (Spiral Wines, to be exact) act as functional and cheap flower vases.

Ah, love.